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Trump predicts a "very tremendous summit" with Kim Jong Un

He called current wall construction a "work of art." The president also repeated his claim that some countries are not sending "their finest" and said they are sending "rough hombres" in some cases.

LG LDG4315ST review: Uneven baking, lousy app decrease

These freestanding double ovens will save you from a major home renovation if your kitchen doesn't accommodate a double wall oven, but you want to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

Inside the French submarine Espadon and base Saint-Nazaire

Art. From the roof of the fortified lock, you can see the art installation called Suite de Triangles, by Felice Varini. This is the only location where they all line up in a row like this.

Lamborghini Huracán Evo steals from the best and gets away

That four year old who first fell in love with super cars and pin the post UNKNOWN on their bedroom wall. And if that's the case well Lamborghini is still the shot to go to. And really now their

Making sense of electric car charging

We've arrived at an interesting point in history, where for the first time, a large number of people are buying their next electric car, and they're asking me a lot of questions.

Connect with these 35 IFTTT-friendly smart devices pictures

A European startup, Tado is a wall-mounted smart device that connects with your AC unit using the same infrared port that the remote uses. Sync them up, and you'll be able to automate it, or

This amazing tech may be the future of art pictures

Displays using OLED, or organic light-emitting diodes, are allowing artists to do incredible things with light, color and texture.

Iconic Abrams tank gets a high-tech upgrade

The future of tanks. Drone vs. drone warfare may -- or may not -- be in our future. In the meantime, the ground game remains vital, and the M1 Abrams tank is a huge part of that specifically

The best TVs of CES 2019

Like the ones that already exist in the UK and Europe, Samsung put up its smaller 8K TVs up for pre-order. The 65-inch costs $5,000, the 75-inch $7,000 and the 82-inch $10,000.

Nest hatches freestanding Thermostat E just for Europe

Another way in which the European Thermostat E is different is that it comes with a second bundled product. The Nest Heat Link E is a grey fabric disc that replaces your existing wall-mounted

Tempelhof Airport tour

You recognize Tempelhof's monumental scope from the moment you arrive. The terminal's massive and austere facade made me think of fascism, bureaucracy and the power of the state all at once.

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