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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Strategy Guide for PC by

So, if you have Children's Creche's in all your bases, you're looking at nothing but positives for running Planned/Wealth, and your bonuses before you even consider faction-specific bonuses amount to: 2 Industry 20% discount on all builds 1 Economy 1 Energy per base 4 Growth 40% faster growth in all your bases, half coming from Planned, and half coming from the Children's Creches

concrete pavers 24x24

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Apple TV faces many challenges

COMMENTARY As always seems to happen with Apple , there's the barest hint of a rumor of some new device and suddenly you get the incessant watch for actual products to hit the market.

Darth Bane vs Darth Sidious Lightsabers Only

A perfect combination of weapons, skills, and the will to use them: an interlocking crystal of killer. The Force hinted a shatterpoint, and I left a headless corpse on the sand. The deadliest man

2nd U.S. Mad Cow Case Confirmed

Tests have confirmed mad cow disease in a U.S. cow previously cleared of having the brain wasting illness, the Agriculture Department said Friday. It is the second case of mad cow disease in the


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Ys I and II Chronicles FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by A Backdated

Time Attack . Time Attack, also known as the Boss Rush in other Ys games, is a mode in which you must face all seven bosses of Ys I in a row. During each boss fight, you will be wearing equipment and be at an average level of what you would have been when you fought the boss during the story.

Sealed vs non-sealed burners

Read page 2 of the Sealed vs non-sealed burners discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Stoves food community. Join the discussion today.

Read User Reviews and Submit your own for The Elder

It has blurry textures, regular pop-in rendering, a weird issue with rendering shadows that causes interlocking grid-like patterns overlaid on things, poor-looking character models, animations with too few frames, death animations that rival the original Half-Life in fidelity, and environments that feel like the same twenty or so props were just copy and pasted indefinitely over a displacement

Age of Empires FAQ/Strategy Guide for PC by JChamberlin

This increased power without increasing length, but the deck made the ship somewhat instable. A ship with two levels of rowers was called a bireme. ===== =Fire Galley= ===== Age: Iron Prerequisites: Build the Town Center, Dock, and upgrade to War Galley. Cost: 115 Wood, 40 Gold Hit Points: 200 Attack: 24 Armor: 0 Range: 1 Speed: Fast Special: Boats are twice as resistant to conversion as other

Top 13 Foot Market Patio Umbrella Outdoor Furniture Red

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Play as an Evil Villian in Final Fantasy?

Do you think Square-Enix should make a Final Fantasy game that lets you play the role of a bad guy? Yes or No and Explain why? I think they should let you play the role of an Evil villian and your

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura is an isometric RPG following in the footsteps of Fallout 1 and 2 in which the magic of a high fantasy world is enmeshed with the steampunk technology of an industrial revolution in a Victorian Era setting.

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