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Candles missing. I'm really freaking mad.

Entrance Hall - This is the main Entrance Hall of Hogwarts. Exits are on the right, leading to the Grand Staircase, on the far left, leading to the Classrooms Hall, in the back on the ground floor, leading to the Great Hall Foyer, and a secret passage in the lion statue on the upper floor, leading to the Courtyard Path.

Resident Evil Puzzle Solutions for GameCube by AVVesker

Go to the 3rd Floor area with the track on the floor. Follow the track until you find a stand with the real Armor Key in it. 3. Take the key out. Two knight statues will activate, one coming in behind you with a shield, the other coming from your front with a spinning blade mechanism. 4. Place the Immitation Key where the original was. The statues will stop, and go back to where they were

Luigi's Mansion FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by SeanKelson

Now go back down to the first floor and through the Rec Room out into the Courtyard. Here, check the mailbox that is in between the well and Toad's hideout area. You will find Mario's Letter inside. Objective 10: Get through the Billiards Room. Now go into the mansion through the door on the left side of the courtyard. Go down in the hall and through the first door on the bottom of the screen

Shadowgate Walkthrough for PC by EmperorCain

Floor ----- -Use bar, dirk or sword on floor where shadows on floor are pointing to . -Take Glyph Skull 3. -Now that you have the glyph skull you have the ability to use the machine in the Laboratory to cure the banshee curse. Alternatively, you can obtain the cure by correctly answering 3 Djinn riddles. The Djinn method requires less backtracking, and you can find that cure by continuing

Luigi's Mansion Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for GameCube

The first one is located on the first floor, in the south-west corner of the Mansion. After you have sucked in the candle-carrying butler, exmaine the room with your Game Boy Horror to find a mousehole. Press A to activate it and go inside to enter the trasure room.

Resident Evil 0 Puzzle Solutions FAQ for GameCube by

Puzzle Complete Train Puzzles Completed ***Facility Puzzles*** Fix the Lift Get the crank from the dresser in the room on the left side of the second floor and take it to the large room that has the candle next to the door. The lift is in this room. Place the Crank on the device next to the lift and it is fixed. Puzzle Complete Get the Fire Key Get Billy to turn the crank connected

The Darkness Walkthrough

Jenny's apartment is on the 3rd floor, so head on up to meet with her. Jenny's Apartment When you blow out the candles here, feel free to tell Jenny whatever you like here; she'll react in

Resistance: Fall of Man Walkthrough

It's time to take back Europe and crush the Chimeran threat GameSpot's Walkthrough to Resistance: Fall Of Man will help you accomplish your mission.

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