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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record FAQ/Walkthrough for

Safety Check:Failed - Use the amusement park rides to kill 10 zombies at once Head to Uranus Zone and first off, clear all the rails away from the UFO Crash ride. Then grab a handfull of fireworks from Astonishing Illusions right next to the ride. Come back and toss out the fireworks to crown up zombies all over the UFO Crash seats. Then quickly head to the control and activate it. Instant

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Myke

Just park a car by it and hop on the hood of the car. From the car jump onto the ramp. Volia, you're inside the golf course. Just hop a ride, drive over to the guy, whip out a gun and plug him from a safe distance. His gomba's didn't even try and fight back when I did this. EMAIL FROM: substance J When you arrive at the country club, you'll notice a ramp on the other side of the fence, to the


GameSpot - Reviews Assault Android Cactus , first released on PC back in 2015, is a game that feels perfectly suited to the Switch. It's the sort of experience that works equally at home on your

The CraveCast gives Hobbits a day, but Star Wars takes the

While the crew celebrates Frodo and Bilbo's birthday, it's the hype over a release day in December that gets all the attention. And also sex robots.

Magical Starsign FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by DomZ Ninja

The room will be powered up by a bunch of lights, and frankly, it looks like an amusement park. Pretty sweet. Once you have the power working again, return to the outside again. --- ERD ----- Start heading to the north now that the power is on. When you reach a staircase, you will be ambused by robots. Defeat the measly machines and be on your way. Continue up the many flights of stairs and

America's Court with Judge Ross

Episode Recap America's Court with Judge Ross on TV.com. Watch America's Court with Judge Ross episodes, get episode information, recaps and more.

Read User Reviews and Submit your own for Sunset Overdrive

Played for about 4 hours so far, and am really enjoying this game. Visually, it is gorgeous, the use of color and the design of the city is amazing, everything is crisp and frame rate is 100% solid.

Forbidden Siren 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

Character: Mamoru Itsuki 03:00/Yamijima Amusement Park/Coffee Cup Ride - Maze Mission 1: Reach the Gate of Underworld Archive items: 50, 51 Note: Once a 'gate' or archive item is unlocked, you do not have to unlock it again if you get killed. Scrap of History Book 50 is automatically added to the archive. Ok. This level is kinda whack. Yuri will wander off and start doing this

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Plot Analysis for Wii by

The park is infested with monsters, but Jill easily takes care of them. Inside the tool shed in a local graveyard, Jill breaks through a bricked-up doorway and discovers an abandoned Umbrella command center. Several documents are scattered throughout the room. One of them, a report from one of the supervisors, finally gives her a name for the creature that's been chasing her; Umbrella calls it

Muse offer audiophile box set of new album The Resistance

You'll also get the album on a pair of heavyweight vinyl records and a DVD Audio edition mixed in 5.1 DTS and Dolby surround sound. There's an extra DVD too, containing a 45-minute film

The 27 Best Nintendo 3DS Games

In addition, the 3DS entry contains some of the series' best tracks: Wuhu Loop, Mario Circuit, Music Park, and Shy Guy Bazaar are still excellent, while old favorites such as Wii Koopa Kape, DS DK

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Game

Midnight Club: Los Angeles is an extremely fast-paced arcade racer being developed by Rockstar San Diego. In the game you participate in illegal street racing in a recreated version of Los Angeles in order build up a racing reputation and earn money, which you can then use to buy new vehicles or "pimp out" your existing ones using the game's

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Grind the blue and gold fence towards the hospital and Sticker Slap the sign. Go to the front of the church and over to the blue scaffolding. In front of the scaffolding is the last sign. ///// //Tag a Big Bilboard 50 points // ///// All Modes - Go to the construction site and climb the yellow tube, jumping over to the plywood stacks. Run to the higher stack of plywood and jump up to it

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories FAQ/Walkthrough for

Head left onto the grassy patch when you reach the Unique Jump mound and park your car by the fence. Now just sit back and relax until the Progress bar fills up. If a helicopter comes, just circle the area and be careful not to flip over or get stuck until Lance is in the clear. A cop car might chase you into the backroads, just stop and drive-by anyone who comes out before continuing on

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Walkthrough for PSP by

A side of a building or a fence bordering an enclosed area normally works. When you have Forbes captured, a cutscene takes you to an abandoned apartment in Little Haiti, where Forbes is bound and left to sweat. Mission Passed $750 We have two choices - visit Lance at his hotel room, or interrogate Forbes. Let's go with the latter, shall we? ----- BFO2. "Leap And Bound" ***** With Forbes

Forbidden Siren 2 Archive Item Transcript for PlayStation

- Chief of Staff Ground Self-Defence Force Rank: Major Name: Takeaki Misawa ===== No. 026 Signboard graffiti Character /Yorito Nagai Time /-01:00 Place /Y. Amusement Park/Ferris Wheel Required /Inspect the Ferris Wheels fence Notes /None Ten seemingly meaningless diagrams dn on a signboard using black paint. The text reads Seven Gates. ===== No. 027 Portable Radio audio

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