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Woman survived 6 days after being injured in crash in

The vehicle went through the fence and dropped 50 feet, landing in the tree. She stayed inside her car for several days before trying to walk toward some railroad tracks to find help, but she was

Apple iPhone X drop test: It cracked on the first drop

Like our drop tests for the iPhone 8, our first drop was from 3 feet 0.9 m , or about pocket-height for most people. After just one drop onto a sidewalk, the iPhone X already shows visible damage.

Apex Legends Wraith Guide: Tips To Play As Or Against

Apex Legends is a team focused battle royale game. Everything in the game revolves around your squad working together, and that starts with knowing how to use your chosen Legend's unique abilities

Corpus Christi

Hurricane Harvey has intensified into a major hurricane and is aiming for the Texas coast with the potential for up to 3 feet of rain and 125 mph winds. Credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images Seaside homes

Live news stream: A Federal judge tacks on additional 3 1

Watch "A Federal judge tacks on additional 3 1/2 years to former Trump campn chairman Paul Manafort's prison sentence", a CBSN video on CBSNews.com. View more CBSN videos and watch

Stunning photos of climate change

Every day, as surface and ocean temperatures increase, new images surface that paint a heartbreaking picture of global climate change and its effects on Earth's creatures.

U.S. border officer: "Do you think a wall is gonna stop

Two individuals made an incursion into the U.S., said Eisenhauer, setting out on foot without a flashlight, in the dark, to join fellow border patrol agents already stationed there in an

Democrats agreed to a border fence in 2006 is Trumps

At more than 10 feet tall and made of steel, barriers like the ones you'll find in El Paso might seem like a prototype of President Trump's border wall. In fact, they're a sampling of what's

Woman attacked by jaguar speaks out: "I learned my lesson

A 3-foot barrier was supposed to keep the jaguar and people separated. The big cat has been removed from the exhibit , at least temporarily. "Anybody can reach out.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: U.S. search firm Ocean

A private hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will end in the coming days, a search firm said Tuesday, about four years after the plane's disappearance sparked one of the world's greatest

Officer shoots himself in bulletproof vest while being

"You can see clearly from our car cameras and our bodycam footage that the officer flips over the fence, and as he does so a round discharges from his weapon, striking the officer in the chest

Australian "Angel" Saves Lives at Suicide Spot

Since the 1800s, Australians have flocked to The Gap to end their lives, with little more than a 3-foot fence separating them from the edge. Local officials say around one person a week commits

Indonesia tsunami: Hundreds killed after apparent eruption

"Suddenly a 1-meter 3.3-foot wave hit me," he said. "I fell down, the water separated me from my bike. I was thrown into the fence of a building about 30 meters 100 feet from the beach and

3 Fans Killed At Indy Race

Three spectators were killed and at least eight injured when struck by debris that flew into the stands after a three-car crash in the VisionAire 500 Indy Racing League event Saturday night.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search fails, but sonar hunt

May 3, 2018 / 11:25 AM / CBS/AP 20,000 feet before Malaysia, China and Australia agreed to end the state-funded search for Flight 370 last year. The wrecks were found during that search. The

2018 Ford EcoSport Review: Better late than never

The EcoSport has an SAE-rated 91.1 cubic feet of passenger space, making it smaller inside than everything in is class, with the exception of the super-duper cramped Mazda CX-3. Individual rear

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