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advantages of a living trust

How to find a financial advisor you can trust CBS News

In other words, it's OK to trust, if you also verify. Among the advantages of investing in publicly traded investment vehicles are that they are highly regulated. To my knowledge, there's never

Social Security: Trust fund in the red by 2033

Even if the trust fund runs dry, tax income would be sufficient to pay about three-quarters of scheduled benefits for another 50 years or so. Social Security facts:

Some structured settlements may offer significant advantages

If you fund the trust irrevocably with a structured settlement, the government doesn't consider you to "own" the future annuity payments and therefore you have a greater chance of maintaining your

iPhone X's Face ID challenge: Getting you to trust it

Security Leer en español iPhone X's Face ID challenge: Getting you to trust it. Apple has a mountain to climb to get people to use Face ID. Heres how the company will do it.

Dr. Phil.com

Seven Steps to a Successful Estate Plan. Do you need an estate plan? For those with substantial assets, estate planning is essential to preserve and protect wealth for future generations and to minimize estate taxes.

Cap'n Crunch is staring at your kid for a reason

Sci-Tech Cap'n Crunch is staring at your kid for a reason. Cornell researchers studying "cereal box psychology" say the tempting gazes of all those sugar-hawking characters are carefully angled

10 curses of the analytical thinker

10 curses of the analytical thinker By Alan Norton in 10 Things , in Data Centers on May 4, 2011, 11:56 PM PST Being a left-brain thinker can be an asset in the IT field.

Solving an 80-year-old's retirement income dilemma

A reader recently asked how best to help her 80-year-old mother, a widow whose income is falling short of her expenses and who risks outliving her money. It's instructive to look at this situation

Here's a Social Security strategy worth pondering

Is it a good idea to start your Social Security benefits as early as possible at age 62 , even if you don't need the income right away to meet your living expenses, and then invest this money for

Yes, Social Security is facing a shortfall -- but here's

Index cost-of-living increases to retirees by the chained CPI Tighten eligibility criteria for disability benefits Apply the benefit formula to annual earnings, instead of lifetime earnings

News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals

The advantages of accepting a foreign assignment generally outweigh the difficulties. Find out what you're getting into before you get on the plane. Theres no doubt that working in a foreign

Five reasons why Xiaomi is a serious smartphone player

Mobile Five reasons why Xiaomi is a serious smartphone player. Despite having been in the business for just four years, the Chinese smartphone company is poised to make it big.

Trouble with the curve: What you need to know about curved

TVs Trouble with the curve: What you need to know about curved TVs. After a month living with a curved TV at home, and more time in the lab comparing it to flat TVs, I've learned a few things.

Woman Says 41-Year-Old Brother Has Gone From Living In A

She says the 41-year-old was living in a storage unit a few years ago and currently lives in his car which is held together with bungee cords and glue in a big box store parking lot, is constantly losing things and puts his trust in the wrong people. She claims that he takes advantages of their parents and refuses to grow up.

How to protect your passwords with LastPass

Security How to protect your passwords with LastPass. If your heart sinks every time your favourite Web service has its passwords hacked, protect your growing list of log-ins wiith LastPass.

Blockchain bakes trust into transactions

Trust is an essential part of ordinary living, whether it's picking mechanics based on Yelp reviews, sliding credit cards into gas station fuel pumps or heeding our doctor's advice. But our trust

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