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can you put decking tiles over top soil

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions FAQ

For example, you can make sure a charged attack will activate before the enemy moves, you can get out of the way before an enemy magick activates, you can focus your attacks to KO the enemy who will move next, and you can make sure to pick up crystals before an enemy will have a turn to collect them. Note that the Turn List always assumes that characters will both Move and Act on their turns

How many kitchen designers does it take . . .

Hi Freia-- yes, we've "chatted" -- on this and OTHER topics. :- I've swooned over the photos of your kitchen, and I'm tremendously impressed with your kitchen design and material selection.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time FAQ/Walkthrough for

Try to stay to the outside, when you're over top of the pipe, put on your iron boots to sink down on top of it. Pull out your hookshot. Aim it at the crystal in the dragons mouth. it will open up a gate to the right. Use your hookshot to latch onto the target. Then run underneath the gate before it closes again. You can either kill the 2 clams here or just take off your iron boots and float to

Animal Crossing: Wild World FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by A I

Drag something onto this and you will place your design on the ground on a single tile of your town. Use the B button to remove the design whenever you want. Finally there's one more less obvious trick. Grab a design and drag it over the menu background at the lower left corner, a small green box will appear. When you drag it here your old menu background will be replaced by your design

LEGO Batman: The Videogame FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by

This turns the ice cream cones red on top and blue at the ground. Now you can proceed up the stairs and into the belly of the snowman. Destroy all the objects on the first platform. Building with legos should create a Batman suit swap unlocking the Glide Suit and a rotating lever. Push the lever so that the steam that is blowing blocking the path is lowered. Glide Batman over to the next

Warlocked FAQ/Walkthrough for Game Boy Color by Darkstar

Take the time to stop them, and when you get to the top, put three Warriors on the Guard Tower, and try to put some men on one of the Barracks at the same time. After the Guard Tower is destroyed, destroy both Barracks, and you'll have crippled the ability of the Humans to wage active war against you; from now on, they can only be sitting ducks for you to wipe out if any Knights or Elven

Jaws Unleashed FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

Swim to the top deck of this smaller boat to collect Tin Can 3/4, and if you're careful you can keep swimming up between the ships heading East away from the mines and turn right, to get to the South side of the ships where you started from. Hopefully, you will be pretty close to where you started to swim over the wrecked ships. The airplane should be to the West, and if you look toward the

Kirby's Epic Yarn FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by Steven Chase

You can also stand directly below Hot Wings to avoid damage; the fireballs won't rain over top of him. Now, Hot Wings will rush at you horizontally, and he'll either be in the middle of the screen, the bottom, or the top. Prepare yourself and make sure you're on the right level to avoid damage. It's easy to tell where he'll rush because that level will light up on the side of the screen before

Duke Nukem 3D FAQ/Walkthrough

However this most likely does more harm than good, as you are vulnerable to the effects of the gun and you can take the solid 20 damage that it deals; on top of this it can actually freeze YOU if you are at low health it won't kill you, but any enemies around you will patiently wait for you to thaw to get their attacks in . Additionally to use this feature to one's benefit a great deal of

Harvest Moon DS

First, it keep the animals where you can find them so that you do not have to wander all over your farm if you want to put them back in the barn. The second purpose this serves is that it protects them from the wild dogs that can visit your farm in the evening. If the wild dogs get to your animals, they can cause them to get unhappy or sick. However, fences will keep them away from the animals

Crimes Of The Past.

Do you have anything to say about them" "They broke into the building and nothing was stolen, my manager over there filed a police report and like you all of you I have not seen or heard anything

Grandia FAQ/Walkthrough for Saturn by Dalez

The next morning, one of the crewman will give you the Cabin Key and tell you to go up on deck so you can start working. On the way up, talk to one of the sailors in the passageway and he'll ask you if you know "the rules of the sea". By answering correctly to all 3 questions "Don't be a stowaway", "Don't spill blood in a fight", and "Don't dirty the sea" , he'll give you a Beef Jerky. Also

Steel against Spell

Tick, tock. The time was two forty five, fifteen minutes until closing time. A partially hidden sun peeked through soft clouds, shining through spotl

Oscuro's profile

Faster than the human eye can see, he leaps down on top of the Humvee and tosses a white phosphorous grenade onto the duffel bags incinerating them. The two men trained their guns on where they

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D FAQ/Walkthrough

Now, you have two choices as what to do next; you can either shoot your Hookshot at the vines, and then cl over onto the small balcony, OR you can fire the Hookshot at the black sign with white circles over top of the balcony any time you see a sign like this from now on, you know you can use the Hookshot on it . Step on the switch here, and it will lower the water level in the well system

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

When you click start you'll see four different sized cones over top of four different options: coerce, boast, admire and joke. When you click on each of these you will perform that action, it will then be blocked and the cones will rotate once to the left. You must click all four of these in any order to finish the session. Clicking them will have either a positive effect or negative effect on

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