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Lufia: The Ruins of Lore FAQ/Walkthrough for Game Boy

IP INSTALLATION POINTS : IP is a special gauge unique to the series. Basically, when you get hit, the gauge increases think of it of a fury-meter . When it's full, you can install with a monster you have captured, in order to become a stronger monster even though you can't control it . See below for more. Those stats are listed below, in the boxes. On the screen are the monsters your

Phantasy Star Universe FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

At this point you'll start getting synthesis materials more often, like Par Wood, Wenceline and also Photon varieties. To the north west and east are more hale bays, and to the north are some Koltovas and Vahras. Past the door is a small hedge corridor, and a clearing afterwards. Vahras and Poltys will spawn when you get near the first tree. By the way, the deforestation Karen suggested can be

Rise of the Tomb Raider FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Ice Ship Glacial Cavern Ancient Cistern Soviet Installation Voice of God Soviet Installation The Red Mine Soviet Installation House of the Afflicted Geothermal Valley The path further north from the ruins is blocked right now, so all that's left is advancing the plot. 6.2 PREPARE FOR BATTLE: Light the Signal Fire on the Spire

The Sims: Unleashed Item Guide for PC by JPaterson

Motives : Comfort = 6 Energy = 5 ***** Limited Edition Sternwood Boxer Cordelan Sofa Price : $649 Size : 1x2 Description : Classic rose and honey mini-sofa - rose wool upholstery and honey wood frame with quadruple wave side and rear panels. Magnficient 1940's archetype, this sleek series set the standard of deco furniture excellence with a stout price only the wealthiest collector could

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