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Unique Wooden Portable Steps for Your Travel Trailer

Notice the fastening bars on the sides of the steps. He originally built a miniature porch that took up the entire bed of his truck and took 15 minutes to setup and level. After some consideration he decided to build a set of collapsible portable steps that had a deep landing for his son. He made them in such a way that he could store them in his RVs basement.

How Do I Build a Mobile Home Porch? with pictures

Pine is a relatively inexpensive wood for building patios. Check the posts as the concrete sets around them to make sure they are drying level. Once the concrete is dry and the posts are secured, it is time to frame the porch. This may mean framing stairs as well, as many mobile home doors are raised significantly off the ground.

Installing a Porch Addition to Your Mobile Home

They are best for situations in which you'll not leave the mobile home for extended periods of time so that you can monitor the porch, and for people who will not move the home, either. Read on for a brief guide on how to make a porch addition to your mobile home. Step 1 -- Make the Deck Frame. Lay the 4 wooden posts out in a square formation.

Unique Wooden Portable Steps for Your Travel Trailer

Unique Wooden Portable Steps for Your RV. By He originally built a miniature porch that took up the entire bed of his truck and took 15 minutes to setup and level. how to work a saw and a drill you should be able to create a nice set of collapsible portable steps for any size travel trailer or motorhome. See more information and photos

Porch Additions on a Manufactured House Home Guides SF

If you intend to build a roof over the porch, extend the corner posts high enough to support it. Use prefab deck rail sections or build your own. Cut the spindles, or balusters, of the rail at 30 inches high. Attach a top and bottom rail to the ends of the spindles so that the two rails are parallel to each other.

How to Build Wooden Porch Steps DoItYourself.com

A set of wooden porch steps will add natural beauty to your entrance, and provide safe and comfortable access. Use the directions below to make your own porch steps in about four to six hours.

How to Build a Four-Step Porch for a Mobile Home Hunker

Building mobile home steps is one of the easy home additions. Lay out the 4-by-4 foot area to be the porch with stakes and string. Dig four post holes 24 inches deep for the corners of the porch. Two of these will be adjacent to the mobile home, but not attached to it. All posts will be inside the 2-by-8 floor joists.


Building a porch roof. Step 4: As the top portion is half done, lets move on to the floor side. Take the measurements of the length and width of the porch. Estimate the columns that would be formed on the floor by keeping in mind the placement of stairs. The columns are generally 6 to 10 feet apart.

Building a Competition BBQ Trailer or Food Vending Trailer

I extended the back roof beyond the back of the trailer to create a roof for a porch. Along with making the left side of the trailer roof 3" higher than the right. I did this for two reasons.

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Adding a Porch to a Manufactured Home. Building a porch or deck onto a manufactured home is a bit easier than building onto a site built house. Since most areas dont allow a true attachment to a manufactured home the building aspect is just a tad bit easier you wont have to modify the home much.

How To Build A Concession Trailer - DIY - Cheap - Less

How To Build A Concession Trailer. Here's how to Build A Food Truck Or Build A Concession Trailer without reinventing the wheel. Watch this video and then grab the video course if you're handy at all. You can find a trailer for about $4,000 and you can build it out from $900 to $4,000. That's with 4 sinks, a pressurized water system, counter,

How to Build Porch Steps: 13 Steps with Pictures - wikiHow

Measure from the bottom of the level to the ground using a 4-foot 1.2 m level set on the top of the porch. Take the total height and divide it by the height of the riser. This tells you the number of steps you will need. Remember that the riser height averages between 6 and 8 inches 15.2 to 20.3 cm high.

How to Build a Porch - Bob Vila

So, You Want to Build a Porch. For instance, a porchs supporting posts are structural as well as decorative. These posts can be columns or boxed-in 4 x 4s with bases and capitals fashioned from molding. Balustrades and knee walls are also porch design mainstays, and these are typically finished with paint, shingles,

How To Build A Portable Deck For RV - Outdoorscart.com

After that, the only thing left to do is to build some steps. Assemble the stringer and the board in a manner that suits you the most. Dont secure them until you are certain about their position and shape. Use as many boards as you like to enhance the steps but a heavy stair would limit the deck portability.

How to Cover a Mobile Home Porch eHow

Make the plywood extend a few inches over the gap on the high side between the trailer and the roof to shield from rain. Install tar paper and asphalt shingles on the porch roof. Place guttering and downspouts on the front of the porch with a concrete splashblock at each end of the porch.

How to Build a Four-Step Porch for a Mobile Home outside

Follow the steps below to know how to build a porch on a mobile home.Lay out the 4-by-4 The nature of mobile homes is such that a porch and steps are a common home addition. This is not a difficult task and the do-it-yourself home owner can do this with just a little bit of wood working knowledge.

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How to Build Porches chud327. Loading Unsubscribe from chud327? YOU MUST KNOW THIS STUFF before you build a deck, porch or outdoor wood project - Duration: 11:38.

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"See 45 great manufactured home porch designs and decks plus learn about planning a new porch for your manufactured home. Lots of ideas, tips, and advice " "Small Deck Ideas - Find ideas and inspiration for Deck Skirting to add to your own home.

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