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Classic PVC panels For Building Material

Children who are blind learn how to code with Code Jumper

The hub is a hand-sized white plastic device that runs on four AA batteries. It has a large circular blue play button and a slightly smaller circular blue stop button. It also has a built-in

2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: More form, function and fuel

MUSIC The Toyota Rav4 has been completely redesigned for 2019, adopting a more traditional SUV appearance, a new platform and a bunch of new tech.

Let there be light, optical cables included

Sci-Tech Let there be light, optical cables included. New company Sunlight Direct looks to commercialize a system for piping daylight into buildings through fiber optic cables.

How Fortnite, AR and YouTube influence toys

The microarcades will also feature Tetris and some classic Atari titles. Or you can play Pac-Man at home and hang it on your wall. Arcade One Up has come up with new designs for their build- it

Best gifts for under $100

Nintendo 2DS. The perfect alternative to the SNES Classic is the Nintendo 2DS XL. That $150 portable plays nearly all of the same games, plus hundreds more.

The Audiophiliac's best-of-the-best affordable audio guide

The Fluance RT81 turntable's build and sound quality is way above what I'd expect from a $250 turntable with free shipping in the US . If you've haven't yet been seduced by an Audio Technica

Best gifts for under $100

With their stainless-steel build, the $99 Beats EP may be the best value in the Beats line. They come in black, white, red and blue. They come in black, white, red and blue. Published: October 26

Moon Pie Mardi Gras History

The custom seems to have started in the 1870s, and although beads may be the most well-known throw today, there are lots of other items tossed to spectators too, from plastic cups and foam footballs to food.

Moto G7, G7 Power and G7 Play officially introduced video

The build quality is quite good, there's glass on the back. The glass on the back does not allow wireless charging. None of these devices UNKNOWN is charging. But that price point, I don't know

The technology behind car window tint

Paint those black plastic trim parts, the outside of your tyres and of course, your skin. Choosing the right radiation technology is one big factor for you when you choose a tint but let's face it

The Fukushima nuclear meltdown, eight years on

Since then, Japanese energy giant Tokyo Electric Power Company, or Tepco, has cleared enough of the rubble on the top floor of the Unit 3 building to allow for my 10-minute visit.

2007 Cadillac EXT

The 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT boasts a plentitude of tech features, including GPS navigation and an advanced audio management system, but at $60K, this pimped-out pickup truck is more likely to

Crazy images caught on Google Street View

This car in Santa Cruz, California was wrapped in plastic by local Here's the street view where the Kevin Costner-led classic Field of Dreams was filmed in Dyersville, Iowa. Published: April

3D printing at CES 2015 pictures

The printer is quite flexible, with materials and can print PLA, ABS, PA/Nylon, PC, HIPS, and PVA filaments. According to Weistek, the printer's designed to work continuously for more than 120

A revolution in carbon fibre: Zenos E10

This is material with 70% of the strength for around %10 of the cost, and it gives this supercar credentials, but at a hot hatch price. Layers of carbon create a sandwich around a plastic

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