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easiest way to cover deck cabin

Cabin bus lets you sleep your way from SF to LA

The Hyperloop may be the fastest way to travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles, but it's years away from becoming a reality. In the meantime, the Cabin sleeper bus is an option for those who

2010 Mercedes-Benz C350 photos

The Mercedes-Benz C-class, updated in 2008, can be a great car, depending on the options. The recent example of a C350 we tested showed exactly how not to option it. - Page 5

2018 BMW i3s with Range Extender review: Exotic little EV

The fastest way to charge, however, is at a 50-kW DC charging station, which allows an 80 percent quick-charge in just 45-ish minutes. My i3s is equipped with the optional gasoline range extender.

2019 Lexus IS 350 review: Losing to Father Time

The cabin is remarkably enveloping thanks to the high center console, but it never feels cramped from any seat in the house. The driver's seat, specifically, left me feeling fresh after a long

Car Tech's guide to using your Android phone in the car

However, this connection is a dumb input, lacking bidirectional communication, so there's no way to control your phone with the car's stereo. If you want to, for example, change songs, then you'll

2012 Infiniti M Hybrid Review

The cabin tech interface is easy to use. The Bad Copying contacts from phone to car is a manual process. Trunk space is compromised by the hybrid system battery pack.

Easiest way to play mp3s on home stereo

Discussions cover types of HDTVs We're looking for an easy way to be able to play the music on the drive on our home stereo system. I thought about buying a large capacity mp3 player, and

Take a tour of the 114-year-old Japanese battleship Mikasa

Stern. From behind it doens't look nearly as much like a 20th century fighting vessel. The doors and deck are part of the Admiral's cabin.

Roadshow's 10 favorite vehicles of 2017

2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS. 8.3 The 2018 Camaro is one of the best performance bargains to be had today at any of its many price points, though the V8-powered SS is the way we'd go.

2018 Toyota Century first drive review: Timeless icon

While the Century is very comfortable if ultimately somewhat staid to drive, the best way to experience this sedan's considerable charms are from the back seat. It's here where the Century feels

When it comes to airplanes, you never forget your

My row, instead of being split into three, was just six seats across with one central aisle. The quiet upper-deck economy cabin seats just 18 people, compared to the 360 or so economy passengers

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