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pvc roof and wall paneling in the UK

Max Payne FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Panda

Be careful when doing shoot dodge on the edge of the roof, you will often fly off the roof and land on the street below. You find gangsters with drug and money under a glass window on the roof. The door to the inside is blocked, you have to do it the SWAT way, descending from the sky. After dealing with the two guys, you go down the stair and enter the room. Here is another, more fun

Resident Evil 4 Plot Analysis for GameCube by TWilde

He gets lucky and finds a back stairway to the roof of the station, but he witnesses a rescue attempt fail. A helicopter appears overhead. There is a lone precinct survivor on the roof, signaling to it. Zombies attack the unfortunate wretch. He sprays random machine gun fire everywhere, accidentally killing the helicopter's pilot. The helicopter crashes into the station and explodes into

Carmageddon FAQ for PC by BRice

I think playing without might even be more fun, cuz then you will be encouraged to get up close and bump the other players off a building, or piledrive them into the wall, spin them around backwards, run your wedge vehicles of course car under them, carry them then ram on your brakes when you reach the edge of the roof or steep hill, or lava if they have any in the full version . If there's

Oud Sluis, the Netherlands

The main space is modern yet comfortable with white woods along the outside wall and light ones panelling those inside. The roof is exposed beam and a wooden column, set in the centre, holds up the middle bar that bears the inscription, Aiensiendoet gedenchen diet dendoit de maegarencken. French blinds and long cream curtains limit the light let in; ceiling spotlights add brightness

Mac at 25: Readers reminisce

In a fit of pique, I fax a letter to Steve Jobs and Fred Anderson demanding satisfaction. I promise to do all I can to publicize the flaws in my Cube--which it turns out were a systemic problem

Killer7 FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by bigbadwolf

The second is behind a barrier just before the boiler rooms where the spirit hanging down the wall is . Switch to Kaede and press Y to use her special which will break the barrier you need at least one test-tube of blood to do this . ----- Q What's the code to the boiler room door? A Use Kaede's special ability by the wall behind you, it'll change the phrase written on there to reveal the

Real-world server room nightmares

"This is the patch panel, modem, 48-port switch, firewall/router, and PBX telephone equipment. The modem is the black box hanging by its own cables next to the phone hanging by ITS own cables

Brother MFC-490CW review: Brother MFC-490CW

The control panel and the autodocument feeder are trimmed in a glossy, black finish that looks extra professional next to the matte, gray side paneling. The control panel in the center of the

Sea, air and space vehicles converge at this incredible

An uncommon aircraft to see in museums in the US or UK, whose air forces never flew them, this is the Dassault Mirage III. The Royal Australian Air Force flew this fast interceptor and a number

5 ways to know you're buying an energy-efficient house

Impressive entryways, windows with a view and open floorplans are popular requests when it comes to a new house. But many home shoppers are now looking for green features that can make living a

Robots and humans work in harmony at Nissan's UK plant

It was the first UK plant in history to reach the 1 million mark with a single model -- the Nissan Qashqai. The Qashqai, Juke , Note and the all-electric Leaf are all produced here.

Thank God for Texas

The wind was so bad right after construction that it actually lifted and blew off a few of my 'tin roof' type panels I used had to immediately file a claim with the insurance company and pull

A no-fuss solar-powered building

The solar thermal panels on the roof will make hot water for the kitchen and bathroom but also to heat the home. Here is a view of the radiant heat system that is under the floor of the structure

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