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Jennifer Grey

A badly done facelift can cost a man his sideburns, and Dr. Youn says this seems to have happened with Rourke. "The unnatural curve between his ear and cheek and his now-attached earlobe are also

13 bizarre but popular plastic surgery procedures

Plastic surgery is more than just breast implants, liposuction, and facelifts, says Dr. Tony Youn, board-certified plastic surgeon and author of the plastic surgery memoir "In Stitches."

What you should know about flexible displays FAQ

Switching to a plastic display would certainly allow a device to be truly flexible, but plastic comes with its own problems. It has different properties than glass, which means manufacturers have

Here comes the biodegradable fork

Tech Industry Here comes the biodegradable fork. A start-up develops new plastics derived from cornstarch. Stick the fork in the ground, it'll turn into compost.

Polymer dollars: Fingering Canada's plastic bills

It costs 19 cents to manufacture every new polymer bill compared with 10 cents for the old cotton-paper bills, but the polymer series is designed to last 2.5 times longer. They can be recycled

Why recycling economics are in the trash bin

The most common type of recycled plastic is polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, which is used in soda bottles. The Wall Street Journal reported that new PET now costs about 63 cents a pound, 7

How recycled plastic for 3D printing will drive

Instead of melting new plastic to create these products, some companies are seizing the chance to build more sustainable, cost-effective, socially conscious ways of dealing with the looming demand

Is recycling worth it?

The production of plastic only increased, MacBride says, when they popularized bottled water in the late 1990s. "If you go anywhere and you simply want some water, you have to buy it," MacBride

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Acer V3-571G-9435 review: Acer V3-571G-9435

The Good The Acer Aspire V3-571G-9435 has a fast quad-core Core i7 processor and powerful Nvidia graphics, matching what you'd see in a high-end 15-inch laptop for a fraction of the cost.

Piling up: Drowning in a sea of plastic

A lot of plastic come to recyclers like Bagaria all mixed together, impossible to separate cost effectively. So, what happens now to the plastic we used to ship to China? Nothing.

Company unlocks secret to making plastic out of air

The plastics industry creates 1.8 trillion pounds of carbon emissions every year, but now one company has figured out a way to take the pollution and turn it into plastic you can hold in your hand.

Horns and Spikes

But Dr. Jon Perlman,a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who has been practicing for 25 years and has turned down requests for procedures he found disturbing, says that the tongue "is a very

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