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patching nail holes in cellular pvc

LittleBigPlanet FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

Head to the right, jump over some cog wheels, push the blue barrel with X on it into the hole, make your way to the stairs and watch the instruction video on how to use the Popit for changing clothes. You'll be able to get various costumes during the game. Head past the Gong these are known as checkpoints - should you die, you're brought back here and the Gong's light circle is reduced

The Sims 2: Nightlife FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

As of the recent patch, sims now wouldn't have to worry about getting a crush with themselves or another sim from the wonders of gaming technology and metaphysical string theory application Oh yeah, if you didn't know, the word "LeTournament" is a play off of Maxis' senior producer "Tim LeTourneau". In somewhat related news, if you were wondering why the names of the objects in the game are

Magical Starsign FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by DomZ Ninja

The hole to the left of where you are leads right back to the fifth floor, so ignore that one. Climb down the vine on the far left to reach a room with four treasure chests Open them all to get a Putty Pea, 4000 Bira, 5 Dethorn Tails, and 10 Green Frogs. Return to the sixth floor and proceed to the right. Climb down the vine on the far right to enter another area that holds chests. Open both


He did repair rear differential cover leaks, rear brakes, front rotors turned, driver side engine mount broken or missing, valve cover gasket leak, rear main seal leak, gear box leak.

Silent Hill: Downpour FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

The third ball should hug the left of the hole above it, but then quickly go right to hug the right side of the two remaining holes on the way up to the third goal. Once you have the game beat, the FREE TICKET is yours. Now its time for us to head back to the Tram Station. Go outside and follow the drag marks to the gate. Use your rusty key on the gate to get it to open. Once you open it

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ/Walkthrough for

Go to the Paint 'n' Spray to repair it. Then head for the yellow marker. - Make sure you don't damage the car in any way on your way to the assembly point. If you do damage it, you must get it repaired. Plus, you have to make it to the assembly point by 2200. Go into the pink marker facing the same direction as the other vehicles. - The caravan will then move out to head for the theater

Resident Evil: The Essentials FAQ/Walkthrough for

NOTE: In the room, you can see a hole to put something in that's shaped like a liquor bottle. To solve this puzzle, you need to go up the Liquor room or Wine room on 3F and get an ALCOHOL BOTTLE. Bring it back down and put it in the hole to receive JACK'S MEMO and a SHOTGUN, or possibly a MAGNUM REVOLVER. Normally, this step is skipped, but because acquiring Jack's Memo is an Event Completion

WarioWare: Touched FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by KingDarian

Nobody likes leakages. Patch it You have to tap the leaks that are spraying water out of the pipe. The man at the top needs to take a shower. Instruction: Patch *Level 1 - One leak to patch *Level 2 - Two leaks to patch *Level 3 - Three leaks to patch Strategy: Poke the spot where the hole is on the pipe. If done correctly, tape will cover the leak. Once all the leaks are patched, the man at

Demon's Souls Story Guide for PlayStation 3 by Guardian

That definition could apply to the hole in the skylight of Miralda's tower, Biorr could have stepped over the skylight and it broke causing him to "slip" through and disappear into the darkness of the tower, "never to be heard from again." That would mean it could be Biorr's corpse at the bottom of the tower, which raises all kinds of questions about who the player rescues from the Palace jail

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

You need to make the following changes to make sure that Vice City works perfectly with HDLoader: Slow HDD access: No Disable DVD9 support: No Kill HDL After launch: YES <----- Date/timefix 2: YES <----- Date/timefix 3: No Disable network support: No Disable CzC patch: No Soul Calibur 2 / Suikoden V: No Although I kill HDL as a precaution it is the timefix option that is most important. If you

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Trilogy FAQ/Walkthrough for

So head to the right of it to find a patch of plants. In the corner is a small, red-lit entrance to a secluded room containing some ammo and medical kits. Also there is a computer. Use it to open the gate. Upon heading out, you will find that a guard has entered through the gate. You can shoot him, but it is safer to sneak in through the gate while he is not looking your way. *Checkpoint

Resident Evil 4 Plot Analysis for GameCube by TWilde

Jill finishes her repair work on the cable car. Carlos walks in, and Jill tells him that Nicholai won't be joining them. Carlos grimly accepts the news, and offers to drive the cable car. The car begins to glide smoothly away from the station, but it shakes suddenly from a tremendous impact. Jill investigates, and finds that the creature stalking her has busted into the cable car. With nowhere

Dead Rising 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox One by Berserker

There are a total of seven Mercenaries near the stairs guarding an armored vehicle that is parked against a hole in the back wall of Atlantica Casino. Finish off the Mercenaries then grab one of the Mercs Assault Rifles and blast the van until it is destroyed. To avoid the crowd of zombies in the area, it's really best to grab several assault rifles then hop up to the side platforms near the

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Nail down every guard you see while flying, or standing on boxes. Whatever floats your boat. Destroy each box until you get to the third one, which has the item you need. It's always the third box. It doesn't matter where you start. Once you get the green goo, fly back to The Truth. I really hope that this comes back later in the game, since it seems really cool. Reward: The motherload. $20000

Resident Evil Outbreak FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2

It can and will invade any rooms by the ventilation holes on the ceiling in the numerous rooms of the hospital to get to a survivor. As such, do not linger too long in a room when a leech man is around. Thanks to the leeches that covers it, a Leech Man can be killed at all. When using a weapon to attack it, only the leech es on the target spot will be killed. As there are literally thousands

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